Een jaar in de Provence

Peter Mayle (author)

Een jaar in de Provence

Peter Mayle (author)
Een jaar in de Provence
Peter Mayle
Original title
A year in Provence
Baambrugge: Grote Letter Bibliotheek, 1992
410 p.

About Peter Mayle

Peter Mayle ( "mail"; 14 June 1939 – 18 January 2018) was a British author noted for his memoirs of life in Provence, France.

Early life

Born in Brighton, Sussex, the youngest of three children, Mayle and his parents moved to Barbados in the aftermath of World War II, where his father was transferred as a Colonial Office employee. Mayle returned to England after leaving school at 16 in Barbados.

Advertising career

His first job in 1957 was as a trainee at Shell Oil, based in its London office. It was there that he discovered that he was more interested in advertising than oil and he wrote to David Ogilvy, the head of the advertising agency that had the Shell account at that time, asking for a job. Ogilvy offered him a job as a junior account executive, but Mayle's interest was more on the creative side of the business and he subseq…Read more on Wikipedia